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What is the right floor for your workshop?


If you are like most workshop owners, you probably spend a bit more time in there than you would like to let on. Whether it is tinkering on a car, working on wood, or whatever you are in to, a workshop is a refuge from the world, and a place to focus on your interests. Like any place you spend a lot of time in, you need your workshop to be neat, tidy and pleasant to spend time in. We can’t help with the tidiness, but we can help to make your workshop a more comfortable place to be with rubber flooring.

Rubber Matting Mats or Rolls?

All of our rubber flooring is made from the same high quality rubber. They are comfortable to walk and stand on, protect the floor, and help to insulate against extremes of cold. They make the workshop a safer and more comfortable place to work than a traditional concrete or brick floor.

Rubber Matting Mats

  • Easy to fit yourself
  • Low need to cut mats
  • Interlocking
  • No need for adhesive
  • Easy to replace individual mats
  • Thick / Heavy Duty options

Rubber Matting Rolls

  • Very Cost-effective
  • Less joins meaning a cleaner finish
  • Suitable for permanent areas

Checker Pattern

Checker Pattern rubber matting, either on a roll or a mat, is durable and hard wearing. It is scratch resistant, meaning a long lasting appearance can be maintained. The checker pattern design helps to provide strength, making it particularly suitable for both domestic and industrial areas.

Stud Pattern

Circular Stud Pattern rubber matting is suitable for a range of supportive and anti-slip uses. Their design makes them particularly suitable for wheels to pass over – meaning they are popular both in domestic settings (with work trolleys and the like) and in industrial settings where vehicles, trolleys and foot traffic may need to pass over the same areas.

Ribbed Pattern

Ribbed pattern rubber matting floors are perfect for areas that have a high chance of becoming dirty. The wide groove of the rubber mats makes them easy to sweep out and maintain, while still keeping the strength and anti-slip properties that makes them desirable.

All types of rubber matting make your workshop a more comfortable place to spend time. They provide a sturdy, supportive flooring surface, on top of whatever floor you have existing – concrete, brick or tile. They are also an insulating system, making your workshop warmer in the winter, and cooler in the summer. Finally, rubber matting – both in rolls and mats – provide a shock resistant, supportive surface. This makes it much more comfortable to spend time standing or kneeling on – essential for a room such as a workshop where you may be spending a significant period of time.

Rubber matting online specialise in supplying a range of rubber products. Our mats and rolls are all suitable for a wide range of uses and locations, both domestic and industrial. Check out our full range online today, or get in touch to discuss whether our rubber matting is right for you.

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