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Playground mats

Our rubber mats are the ideal solution for ensuring playground safety. Not only do they have enhanced durability, but they also have anti-slip properties for maximum protection. Rubber playground tiles can withstand changes in temperature, from the freezing, wet winters, to a scorching summer’s day, our rubber products are a fantastic, year round option for playground flooring.

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Playground safety

Historically, playgrounds have flooring that isn’t conducive to safety, such as concrete, tarmac, wood mulch, or recycled rubber mulch. While wood mulch and recycled rubber mulch are safe, children playing on them results in the mulch moving around, which makes it difficult to maintain the right depth to prevent injury from falls and slips. In comparison, rubber playground tiles, provided they’re installed correctly, have the same level of impact protection as mulch, but rubber flooring mats stay in place, ensuring a consistent level of safety for children playing.

Additionally, playground mats and rubber matting rolls have a holes designed into them to ensure that grass can grow through the holes, creating a durable, resilient playground flooring for children to play on. The thickness of our rubber playground tiles are in accordance with EN 1177, which specifies that a critical fall height of 1 metre has a surface between 20-25mm, set by the UK government for play areas in schools. These regulations dictate that playground safety mats must be able to provide adequate impact protection in order to prevent injuries.

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