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Stable Mats

Our rubber stable mats are the ideal solution for livery enclosures, horse boxes and stables. With non-slip properties, stable mats allow for horses to easily stand, lie down, and move around which ultimately reduces fatigue and stress on their joints and muscles, giving them more comfort in their stable. Rubber mats can also offer a layer of insulation in a stable to make the horse warmer and more comfortable.

All of our stable matting is easy to clean and maintain, regardless of the state of the stable flooring. We offer a large range of different thicknesses and several different designs of rubber matting that can lock together, or not, for an easy to fit solution for clean stable floors.

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Utilising heavy duty rubber stable mats is a cost effective way to maintain stable flooring over time, due to their durable and long lasting nature. Quality rubber mats can withstand the weight of horses, the effects of daily cleaning and are resistant to damage from hooves, urine, and manure.

Rubber mats act as insulation for a horse, helping them to regulate their temperature and provide warmth throughout the cold winter months. Additionally, stable mats are proven to help prevent the formation of mould and bacteria, reducing the chance of the horses getting infections and hoof problems.

Including a stable mat in a livery enclosure helps reduce noise and echo, as the mats absorb impact and vibration, producing a relaxing and calm environment which can reduce stress induced behaviours from horses. Rubber stable mats can also be used in exercise areas to help improve traction and stability for the horse. It can reduce the risk of slipping when a horse is jumping, galloping, or lunging.

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