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Retail Mats

Discover our huge range of retail matting solutions to help prevent slip hazards, protect floors, and impede moisture and dirt from entering a retail environment. Stores and shops experience a high volume of foot traffic that can bring in dirt, grit, and moisture, adding entrance matting and floor mats can help alleviate additional cleaning costs.

All of our retail mats contain anti-fatigue properties and can be used in wet or dry environments.
The matting is grease-resistant as well as oil-resistant and has an anti-slip surface.
Available in a range of different designs and sizes.
Several products can be purchased in larger rolls, to cover a greater surface area.

Shop and retail mats

Not only do retail floor mats improve the aesthetics of a shop, but they also are effective at enhancing safety measures. Busy environments can cause fall accidents, tripping incidents, and major slips. By investing in heavy duty mats for shops and plain entrance matting, you can prevent slips and help ensure that wheelchair users and other customers are safe within your retail outlet.

Retail floor mats

Absorbent mats that have anti-fatigue properties are essential in retail environments. Your staff will likely be standing for prolonged periods within your shop, so by providing them with anti fatigue mats, you prevent muscle fatigue and discomfort, which allows your staff to be more alert on the retail floor, enhancing productivity.

Entrance mats

Shop entrance mats are the perfect solution to prevent dirt from footwear and wheeled traffic from entering your retail environments. With a retail entrance mat, you can make sure that your shop floor remains clean and safe from the risk of slips. Made from nitrile rubber, our retail entrance mats are designed to defend floors and keep a store clean. Mats are the first line of sight for any customers, making them key leaving a positive impression with your consumers.

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Heavy Duty

Built to withstand heavy use

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