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How can Archaeological Digs use Rubber Grass Mats?

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Archaeological digs are an essential part of the building and development schedule. Many planned developments are required to undergo archaeological assessment – and then potentially a dig. This means that archaeological digs are a much more frequent part of the building process than many outside the industry might think. This means that for Archaeological digs, there is a greater need to

What are Grass Mats?

Grass Mats are a form of protective flooring for grass and natural surfaces. They are formed of a perforated rubber surface, in the shape of a grid pattern. Users lay the mat down over the top of an existing surface – in this case grass or earth – and fix it in place with fixing pegs. Rubber mats on archaeological digs provide a secure surface for paths and walkways.

How do Mats Make Digs Safer?

Archaeological digs can be messy and slippery places. The British weather is notoriously difficult, and can lead to rapid changes in conditions. Difficult conditions, such as thick mud and heavy rain or snow can make a site a dangerous place. People moving around on an archaeological dig often need to move wheelbarrows or other equipment around. Rubber mats provide a stable and secure surface for people to move around on. They can easily be attached to almost any surface, making even muddy and wet surfaces safer and easier to move around on. Rubber Mats on archaeological digs make the experience safer and more predictable for everyone.


The most important thing on an archaeological dig is the people. More than the archaeology – after all, all archaeology is destruction. However, any large number of people moving around outside in the British countryside is likely to produce difficult conditions over a period of time. People and rain create mud, which can cause dangerous falls. While the main attention should be on preventing injury to individuals, it is also important to prevent people from falling and causing damage to open trenches or sections.

Wheelbarrows and diggers

Archaeological digs produce a large amount of rubble and soil that needs to be moved. The removal of this takes either a significant number of wheelbarrow journeys, or it takes the use of diggers and other machines. This can make dangerous patches of mud, and destroy pathways. Rubber matting pathways from Rubber Matting Online are suitable to be used with both wheelbarrows and with the lighter varieties of mechanical equipment used on site.

Rubber Matting Online has a range of rubber mats that are suitable to be used on Archaeological digs. We offer both rolls of matting – suitable for protecting pathways and walkways between trenches. We also offer a range of mat areas to protect static sections of the dig, such as landfill and sorting areas.

Check out our full range of rubber mats that are suitable for Archaeological Digs here. To learn more about our range, or to discuss whether your site could benefit from rubber matting, get in touch today.

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