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Rubber Mats – do I need a Roll or a Mat?

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Rubber matting can provide a host of benefits to all sorts of work and home areas. They can make a floor more comfortable, safe and easy to clean. Finding a reason why rubber matting could improve your flooring is not difficult. However, choosing what sort of rubber matting you most need can be. Rubber mats come in both roll and tile shapes. Both of these are suitable for different sorts of uses, and have different advantages. So – which is right for your needs?

Rolls of Rubber Matting

Easy to Install

Rubber mat rolls are simple to install – simply unroll them in the area that they are needed. You may need to prepare the floor a limited amount before installation. If there is anything that might make the surface beneath the roll uneven, you will need to remove this. Finally, if you need the roll to stick permanently, and not move at all, then you will need to use a form of adhesive to fix it in place.

Easy to Maintain

Rubber mat rolls are easy to maintain and keep clean. Because they are sturdy, you are able to use a wide variety of cleaning products on them without needing to worry about any potential damage this might cause. It is also easy to maintain a rubber roll without specialist tools. A mop is just as effective on a roll as a hard floor.

Long Lasting

Rubber mat rolls are durable and long lasting, meaning you do not have to replace them as frequently as you might a carpet or other floor covering.

What are Rolls Suitable For?

Rolls come in long strips. This makes them particularly suitable for pathways, or for covering sections of larger areas, where only part of the whole space needs to be covered.

Rubber Mat Sheets

Larger Spaces

Rubber mat sheets are rectangular blocks of rubber that can be used to provide a safe, supportive and secure flooring surface. They are particularly suitable for covering larger areas of flooring than rolls. Interlocking mats can easily connect together to make covering larger spaces simple.

Easy to Cut

Rubber mats are easy to cut, meaning that irregularly shaped areas, or areas that are otherwise unsuitable for rolls can be filled simply. This is also particularly useful for providing flooring for smaller areas, like work-vans. The necessary cut out sections and notches in a van floor can be easily removed from a rubber mat.

Protective Surface

Rubber mats can provide a safe and protective flooring system for all sorts of industrial and domestic uses. The anti-fatigue mat, for instance, can make it easier to stand for a protracted period of time. This can help in industrial or workshop contexts where a concrete floor might provide an uncomfortable surface for an extended standing period.

What are Mats Suitable For?

Rubber mats are particularly suitable for a number of popular domestic uses. These include flooring in a home gym, the aforementioned van flooring, equestrian facility flooring and more.

What do I need?

Choosing the right sort of rubber flooring for you is specific to your circumstances. Every need for rubber matting is different. To discuss your options, get in touch today. We can help you determine what sort of matting might be right for you, as well as giving you advice and assistance on how to make the most of your mats.

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