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What can Grassmats protect against?

Grass is the most commonly grown plant on the planet. It is popular in gardens, decorative areas, public spaces and parks. However, people, cars and animals can easily damage areas of grass. Even a few people walking over a grassy area can cause a lot of damage – especially if it has recently rained. This can make organising an event, or using a grassy area for certain types of activities, more difficult than it needs to be. Fortunately, Grassmats from Rubber Matting Online can protect grass from a range of potential damages. Our customers use Grassmats in their gardens, commercial projects and even large events.

What is a Grassmat?

A Grassmat is a piece of rubber matting with a series of ring holes that allow the grass shoots to pass through. The thickness of the rubber protects the root of the grass and promotes growth. Their design also allows natural drainage to continue. Grassmats can be applied as a large covered area, or only in specific pathway areas.

Protecting Paths & Walkways

One of the most common uses of Grassmats is to protect a path or walkway over an area of grass. Heavy footfall or inclement weather can turn grass into a muddy quagmire quickly. A Grassmat pathway can allow year round access that is safe and stable. For example, a grassmat path could provide secure walkways around a potential muddy area such as an allotment. Grassmats are suitable for use by pedestrians, as well as wheelchair users.

Playground protection

Children tend to fall over more than adults. While bumps and scrapes are an important part of growing up, it is easily possible for children to hurt themselves seriously on play equipment. Some schools or playgrounds have equipment that children could fall off, or areas of high footfall. A grassmat is not just a protective surface for the grass, but also for children that may fall onto it. Our mats can provide safety flooring for a fall height of up to 3.3 metres.

Temporary Events

Many events are held on fields, in parks or on other areas of grass. These places may not often host events, and as a result can often end up very muddy and slippery with heavy footfall. Temporary events are a perfect place to use Grassmats, as they can protect both visitors and the ground from damage, and allow the site to be used for its usual purpose after the event has finished.


Grassmats are even suitable for parking cars on. If you are using a field or other grassy area for temporary parking – perhaps at an outdoor event – then cars and traffic can easily cause damage to the grass. Enough traffic, and the area will become churned up and impassable for vehicles. Covering the parking spaces or parking area with Grassmats can prevent this from happening, and allow you to park cars without damaging the surface.

Get in contact with us today to discuss whether Grassmats might be appropriate for your needs, or whether we can provide a solution for you.

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